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All students, full time and part time, are eligible for care at CUA's Student Health Services. We are your health care providers away from home. Please browse our Web site to learn more about the services we offer. Feel free to contact us  to ask questions

will be closed on Tuesday, December 11th
from 11:30 am until 1:30 pm
for a staff meeting.
Thank you.


 For after hours instructions click here.
For a list of local urgent care centers click here.


Please check out the STUDENT HEALTH PORTAL at:







We still have a few
flu shots left.
Cost is $25 and will be
billed to your student account.


'Tis the Season for Colds and the Flu!

 Here are some helpful tips to try to keep you and the campus healthy!

  • wash your hands frequently with soap and water
  • sneeze or cough into your elbow
  • if you need to blow your nose, use a tissue and then throw it out, then WASH your hands
  • do not share drinks, cigarettes, Juuls, utensils or food
  • if you are sick, try to avoid crowds
  • get a flu vaccine
  • if you have a temperature over 101.5 degrees, call and make an appointment at Student Health Services
  • drink plenty of water, eat healthy and sleep!








Immunization Records

All students under the age of 26 are required by DC Law to submit immunization records.

All incoming students under the age of 26 for Spring 2019 are required to submit their immunization records.  The due date is the first day of class, January 14, 2019..  A late fee of $100 will be placed on your account if the records are not submitted or are incomplete by that date. Once you have submitted your immunization records and they are complete, it will be listed as "complete" on your Cardinal Station checklist.

All immunization information MUST be entered through the student health portal. Do not fax or scan any records to our office.  Records not submitted through the patient portal will NOT be accepted. You will need to enter your vaccination dates on the immunization form on the patient portal AND upload your supporting documentation.  This is a two step process. If you have any problems with this, please email .

If you are a current student and have noted that your student account has a hold placed on it for "health" reasons, your immunization record may be incomplete or missing. Please contact Student Health Services at  if you have any questions.  This hold will prevent you from being able to register for the Spring 2019 semester.

Medical Consent

If you will be under 18 years of age when you start the semester, please have your parents  sign and complete the medical consent form. This form is required in order to treat you at Student Health Services.