The Catholic University of America

After Hours Assistance

Sorry you are not feeling well; help is only a phone call away!

In the case of an emergency or life-threatening situation:

  • On campus, dial 202-319-5111
  • Off campus, dial 911

For medical attention after regular hours and on weekends, dial 202-854-7000 (Providence Hospital) and when prompted, dial 5 for the hospital operator. Identify yourself as a Catholic University student and ask to speak with the Family Practice physician on call.
There is a physician available by phone 24 hours a day. You will either be given phone advice or be advised to come to the Providence Hospital Emergency Room or advised to go to an urgent care center close to you. Please call Student Health Services for follow-up if you have required emergency after-hours care. Note: Any and all medical expenses from after hour care are your responsibility. Remember to bring your insurance information and a photo ID with you to the Emergency Room.

If you feel that you need to be seen by a health care provider and cannot wait for Student Health Services open hours, please see the list of urgent care centers. Most of these are metro accessible.